What kind of food do you serve?

The cuisine at Liter House a mix of Midwestern farm to fork principles and ingredients combined with German cooking techniques and beer hall principles.

We want to redefine the brewpub setting in Indianapolis and along the way show people a different side of both Indianapolis and German “Meat and Potatoes” type cooking.

So don’t think pile of sausages and sauerkraut, but you might find some giant parsley garnishes.

Where do you brew your beer?

We brew here on site! We have a 15bbl brewery with 5 30bbl fermenters. We can on site and also keg. We have some amazing brewers and the capabilities of producing extremely high quality and to style German lagers.

Do you do brewery tours?

Yes. We can give brewery tours with a reservation made up to 48 hours in advance, and we also provide tours every Saturday for walk ins from 12-4pm.

Are you family friendly?

Absolutely! Our chefs, brewers, and business partners all have kids so it’s not like we even had a choice! We allow kids in a large majority of the restaurant, but we do have some 21+ areas that provide privacy and quite in a nice bar atmosphere.

A kids menu can be found in the restaurant.

Do you have parking?

We have two different lots, one on the south side and one on the northside, that are private to Liter House. We also have a lot of public street parking surrounding the business and other businesses that close early and don’t mind our customers using lot (Please don’t park overnight!).

On top of this we also have a lot of bike parking for patrons using the Monon.

Do you have wifi?

Yes. It’s about time this question gets left off FAQ soon right?

Are menu modifications allowed for allergies or dietary restrictions?

Yes. Chef John Adams is embracing a style of cooking that embraces vegetarians, Gluten Free, and other dietary restrictions. Our service staff is very knowledgeable and can answer any allergy questions quickly. If you have a large party coming in please let us know as quickly as possible so we can make proper arrangements for allergy concerns in the group.

Do you allow reservations?

We do allow reservations inside the restaurant and also reserve out three different catering spaces.

For inside dining we take reservations all day, but limit the number to still be walk in friendly for all of our neighborhood patrons.

What days do you close during the year?

We close Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Leap Year Day.

Are your beers vegan?

Yes, indeed they are! We use a vegan fining agent called “Biofine Clear” and our filtration media is “DE” or “Diatomaceous Earth” which is also considered vegan.

Do you take large parties?

We can take parties up to 20 for walk ins, although there may be a wait, but our catering rooms can hold parties from 10-200. Reservations can be made at any time with cancellation policies up to 24 hours prior with no fee.

Are you handicap accessible?

We have multiple entrances that are handicap accessible and the majority of our tables are also handicap accessible. If you have any specific questions we ask that you call in so we can handle immediately.

Can we bring in outside food and drink items to the restaurant?

We currently do not allow food or drink into Liter House with the exception of celebratory cakes. Cakes will come with a $1 per person in group slicing fee. If you would like a specialty dessert made please contact Chef John Adams at JohnA@BigLugHospitality.com

Will there be live music?

We will have scheduled live music throughout the year. We will post regularly on social media and on our event page. Please take a look or call in to see who the next act is.

Do you have changing tables in the bathrooms?

We have changing tables in the dining room restrooms and event space restrooms.

Are you hiring?

Every good restaurant is always interested in interviewing passionate people who want to serve people at a high standard and we are no different. Feel free to fill something out online or reach out to us.

Do you have merchandise for sale?

Yes. You can buy directly online where our selections might be limited to year round products, but we also have items for sale in store.

How do I make a request for donations to my charitable organization?

We are very active in helping local charities. While we already have organizations we work with we are always willing to hear what is going on and see if it is something we can fit in.

We ask that people leave their inquiries with our General Manager Lindsay Sloan at Lindsay.Sloan@BigLugHospitality.com.

Is there nutritional information available?

Currently there is not, but if information is imperative to dining at Liter House please call in and ask to talk with our active manager so we can try to help.

Where do we make media inquiries?

All media inquiries should be directed to Owner Eddie Sahm at eddie@biglugcanteen.com

What kind of music will be played?

All types, but mainly the best music. Not Michael Bolton, we promise you this, or Smash Mouth. So everything but definitely not Bolton or Smash Mouth.

Is there outdoor dining?

We currently  have an outdoor facility being built and projected for late summer/early fall 2018. Until then all dining will be inside with full menu and service.

Do you serve brunch?

We serve brunch every Saturday and Sunday. Our brunch menu changes up often so make sure you call in if you are looking for a particular dish.